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There is a desperate need for our work. Refugees and asylum seekers have told us they are isolated in the community, that the media portrays them in negative stereotypes and that they are subject to racism. This is after they have fled their homes to escape persecution and have been given sanctuary in the UK, only to find that they are outsiders. Our work is about helping people to share their culture and increase understanding between different groups. We can be the media too.

Refugee Radio is a non-profit organisation. We rely upon support from organisations and individuals. We welcome any donations, be they financial or support "in-kind" through help with publicity and promotion, equipment or stewarding at events.

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Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Refugee Radio is here to raise the voice of refugees and asylum seekers. We want to pass the mic and let you be heard. We are always looking for people to interview for our radio programme.

We're especially interested to hear from refugees and asylum seekers who don't get heard in the media. You might have a story you want to tell or you might just want to share your music and culture with our listeners so they have a better understanding of where you come from.

If you're interested in being interviewed, please get in touch.