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Refugee Radio is an independent charity dedicated to human rights. The heart of our work is a weekly radio programme that helps refugees and asylum seekers to have a voice. We also work with the arts and run community projects supporting people who have experienced mental health issues.

The charity was founded in 2008 by a group of people working with refugees and asylum seekers. We saw that there was a lot of discrimination against them, especially in the media, and we knew that people were not hearing the full story. We used our knowledge of pirate radio and our contacts with refugee groups to give people a new chance to speak for themselves.

Refugee Radio is not a radio station for refugees. It is a platform for refugees and asylum seekers and other vulnerable migrants to tell their own stories to their new communities.

Refugee Radio is run by a board of Trustees, including refugees and broadcasters. We have a team of staff who run the projects and a group of refugee volunteers who make it all happen.

Unlike a lot of the larger refugee charities, Refugee Radio does not receive any funding from the government or local authorities. This means we can be completely independent and just represent the views of refugees and asylum seekers directly. We receive funding from trusts and foundations to support our projects and donations from the public to keep working.

We are a registered charity (1133554) and a non-profit company (6603729).